02 March 2021

Cranberry Power

The clip below came up in our suggested videos after we watched Fleetwoood Mac singing "Hold Me" (and marveling how much the backdrop favors my youthful stomping grounds of White Sands National Monument -- Whoa!!! Now it's a national park!!!) ("Hold Me" was filmed in the Mojave Desert). I don't know how I missed out on the video below when it went viral, but we found it at the perfect time. I just re-incorporated cranberry juice back into my daily routine.

I have not been a huge fan of Ocean Spray because the plethora of tempting flavors each have too much sugar. However, what Ocean Spray did for the boarding guy has converted me. I see Ocean Spray does have a pure, unsweetened variety, and I will be purchasing that next time I grocery shop.


  1. I rather like Cranberry juice, but have not purchased any in quite some time, due to the sugar factor. I may take a look at this, bet it's tart...pucker up..we'll get used to it, it will be better for us in the long run.

    1. I had to re-incorporate cranberry juice back into my daily routine, Faith. Had no choice in the matter. :) But I"m enjoying it. I see Ocean Spray has many flavors I'd never heard of... Cranpineapple, Cranmango... oh, my, they have some gigantic temptations!!! But I'll get by with the sugarless and add my own fruit juice supplement. Sans the corn syrup!

  2. I like to buy fresh cranberries in season and then freeze them. They're wonderful in apple pancakes and oatmeal cookies. Have never tried (or had to try) the juice!

    Wisconsin is a leading producer of cranberries. Fun fact.:)

    1. That is a fun fact, Sue! Last Thanksgiving was my second attempt at buying more cranberries than I needed or could possibly use in a couple of months, and my first time freezing some. I'm thrilled to report they are holding out nicely, and I absolutely love putting them in lain yogurt or homemade fruit smoothies. I've made quite a few healthy berry muffins in the last year, too. If I do end up having to go back to the office, I'm going to severely miss my muffin mornings!


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