11 March 2021

Better Late Than Never

Lizard recently melted my heart when he presented me with this lovely birthday/valentine card he colored. Coloring is one of the tools we use to minimize his Parkinson's tremors. He spent at least an hour a day for three weeks trying to finish this in time. He was a bit late, but I love it. Doesn't matter what day he finished! He put all that time into it for me! I keep it next to my work computer so it can make me smile all day.

I even got a highly creative photo of him working on his masterpiece!

I decided it was high time I finish his Christmas presents. After all, it is March. They are only three months late!!!

I cut the bandanas back in September or October, then never got a chance to finish them up. Lizard didn't mind. He wears them beneath his bicycle helmet when he rides to prevent his head from getting sunburn strips through the vents. He hasn't been on his bike since April 29. We hope he will ride again one day. For right now, the bandanas are a token of love and a symbol of hope.

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  1. What a gorgeous card!!! he loves you ;-)

    1. Thank you, Alycia! I'm a very lucky girl!

  2. Fabulous Valentine! It’s a love language all it’s own! As is yours for him! The bandanas are super! Hope he get to ride a bit this summer! Stay safe with the impending snow!

  3. I love colouring mandalas because it is such a relaxing occupation. There are so many colouring books for adults, there must be many who see it the same way. :-)

    The picuture with the glasses and crayons is terrific, by the way.

    And I love your porch. My favourite house of all times it the "Walton" house. Do you know it? If I ever build a house, it has to look like the Walton's.

    Good night, Deborah!


  4. Lovely card, great glasses photo, and may those bandanas be put to good use! Hugs to you both.


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