30 December 2019

No Flake Monday

Not again!!! Yes, I'm finding myself needing to take a short break again for a while. Christmas morning left us with no snow, a black screen on my phone (which often is my only electronic connection to the rest of the world) and an unrecognized external hard drive that contains at least 300,000 photos.

I thought it was bad when Lizard's 12/12 surgery prevented me from getting any kind of crocheting or quilting done. Now he's a little more independent and moving around just a bit more, and just like that I lose my main mode of communication!

I'm not one who lives or dies by my phone; I'm annoyed that it doesn't work, and I didn't like not being able to check in with distant family on Christmas Day, but this experience may give us the opportunity to change providers, which perhaps has been needed for a decade or more. It also probably will force me to upgrade from the Apple iPhone 5SE, which likely is just a trifle outdated... there were so many functions that no longer worked!

I'm not going to jump right into the first offer I receive. After years of paying up to three times what others claim to be paying for the same service, I want to make sure whatever I get actually works where I live. This will not be a speedy process.

Even though the electronic version of Grinch bit me on December 25, I am very grateful for all my blessings. So many blessings, I can't even count them all. I got to spend Christmas Day with Lizard, and although slower than what we hoped or expected, he is working through PT and trying to stay cheerful. All three cameras still work, my computer (which had been giving me trouble for a few days) actually fired up on Christmas Day, I still have a great job, I love my family, my car works (Hallelujah!!!) and my my bicycle works. My cheap sewing machine is working fine, and although I haven't checked it in a couple of weeks, the longarm is doing well, too. The crochet hook still works, but I'm not feeling very inspired right now, and I'm trying not to focus on what I can't do.

I have a few future blog posts already set to go, so it will look like normal around here for a while except on Mondays. It is entirely possible I may be back up to my creative self next week and come up with a new snowflake pattern with or without a phone. But if you don't see me, I'm not gone. I'm just not as flaky as I like to be.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that the coming year brings you many sweet and precious blessings!


  1. your so flaky - ha ha ha - i love that!!! I hope you are up to back and running really really soon!

  2. haha can't get your flaky on, geez, darn those phones. You'll notice a big difference when you upgrade from that old one. Hope you had a great Christmas too and the new year is grand.

    1. Thank you, Pat! Still no service yet on the new phone; I don't exist yet because you apparently don't deserve personhood until you have a working phone. GRRR! Hope your time away and holidays were grand, too! Let's keep 2020 awesome!!!


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