16 December 2019

No Flake Monday

Lizard got a new knee last week, and that plus fourth quarter at work have kept me too busy to flake. So please enjoy a few snowflake photos, and I'll do my best to be back to full strength next week.

moonset over the surgical center

near the doctor's office

near work

near work

at work

snowflakes at the office

downtown Denver

at my desk

snowflakes on the way home

near my home

near my home

at my home

snow candle at home

at my home

my snowflake lamp

There's Snow Place Like Home


  1. love seeing all these snowflakes --- the first one hmmmm like to try that one!! I've some six stand embroidery thread that may be helpful in getting lots of color incorporated or use metallic!!

  2. Sure plenty to see and you capture them all. The one with all of them in the top window really stands out in the night. Hopefully his new knee is working well.


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