31 December 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

The dragon is watching,
His eyes are aglow!
I hope he's not hungry...
Just in case, off I go!

I'm a little too small, I know,
To fill the helmet of any Cowbeau,
But blue and gray lead the way,
At least out where you play!

I was searching for one more big balloon,
But found something to make me croon!
I may have missed the big day,
But I wish you happiness anyway!

What a great day to wear red
And velvet cake to be fed!
Can’t wait for the music to start,
Can’t wait to share the love in my heart!

If someone gives you any lip
I'll kick them from the hip!
Been working out, just like you,
'cuz that's the healthy thing to do!

A mother's love is the best
In the east and in the west!
Tiny little bundles bring
The happiest of everything!

You've got a bit of shade to share,
And I've a touch of humor, I swear!
If our talents we combine,
We can make everything fine!

Gollum is still on Mom's list,
But she hopes you like this.
Her hook this year was just too slow,
But one day she'll finish with gusto!

A burst of color, a breath of sun,
A hint of summer for winter fun!
The snow keeps piling up this year,
But warmth will come; never fear!

Challenges come and challenges go,
But that never stops this Daddy-o!
Just be bigger than you know,
And adversity you will outgrow!

I think I'm going to need a bigger cake
For a suitable celebration to make!
No party's big enough for you,
We'll have to do this again in a month or two!

The bump is growing every day,
And soon a third will head your way.
The joy is bigger than the bump,
Love will make hearts really thump!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve's Eve are special times,
My anniversaries of family outside the lines.
This family isn't quite like the rest,
But my adoptive family fits me best!

This marks the end of the birthday show,
For this is the last birthday to go.
I can't believe I made it through,
But now other things I can do!

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