10 December 2019

Snow day!

Lizard and I have been walking each morning prior to me boarding the train for work. We've had several little storms already this season, and each time, I wished I could take pictures in the snow and of the snow and flakes instead of going to work. I always dread the moment I have to head for the train.

Two days before Thanksgiving, my dreams for this year came true! We got a full-fledged snowstorm!!! Almost everything in the Denver metro area closed for the entire day! Yay!

Snow was actually accumulating!  The wind was howling. I wondered if the birds would be able to get to their food without a little human assistance.

Yes, indeed, they sure could!

We enjoyed watching the birds feed on the store-bought seeds as well as leftovers from my garden until it warmed up enough for me to try to shoot some snowflakes.

At 9 degrees, my gloved fingers didn't make it too long. 58 photos, to be precise.

I got 20 acceptable photos out of the 58! Not too bad!

Then it came time to shovel. No one in the neighborhood had shoveled early in the morning. Why should they? It was still coming down, about two inches per hour, and all the schools were closed.

I dropped my template in a sheltered area with no wind near the back door and was shocked to see only a foot. I had guessed the accumulation atop the car looked to be about 16 inches.

I measured again in the driveway before we began flinging all the white stuff into the garden. Do we quilters know our stuff or what?!?

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  1. The bird sure found the food indeed. That is sure a lot of snow. Getting a day off as everything closes down isn't a bad side effect of it. Poor bunny looks cold indeed.


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