31 January 2019

The Dress

The Fabric

The Pattern

The Dress

I knew when I bought the fat quarter bundle back in February 2015 (about the day it became available) that it would not be a quilt. I fully intended to make a dress or something I could wear. I didn't find the right pattern until last year, when an eBay shopping spree resulted in a handful of vintage patterns.

I didn't remember when I began cutting last September that the fat quarter bundle included a panel. I had already cut the sleeve contrast when I realized I had essentially destroyed a panel. Oh, well, it was never going to become a quilt anyway!

I threw in a couple of extra Stonehenge blue prints I thought worked well with the fat quarters for added variety. I finished piecing the lower band by the end of September but wasn't comfortable with what I had planned to use for the rest of The Dress. Not enough contrast.

Which means I will get to make another dress from this pattern one day when I find the perfect patchwork to go with the original denim-like fabric!

One flavor of Moda Grunge won the Battle of the Substitutes, which means I've got another great dress one day when I find the perfect patchwork to go with the second Grunge candidate!

I finished cutting out the rest of The Dress, then we took off for California for my parents' golden anniversary. When we got back home in mid-October, work kept me too busy with way too much overtime for any evening sewing, so The Dress laid in wait for months.

I was determined to wear The Dress to church the Sunday of January's three-day weekend. I worked on it all day the Saturday of the three-day weekend. Why did it take so long???

Because I forgot there was a Grunge strip for the bottom of The Dress until after I had completed hemming the patchwork section. I think picking out the tight, tiny stitching took longer than the entire rest of The Dress! I was tempted to go without the lower band, but I really wanted The Dress long for winter months.

I know I will never look as good in The Dress as the models on the front of the pattern envelope because I'm not 7-foot-2 and 112 pounds. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy wearing it!

I wore The Dress to church the next day and got so many compliments! I wore it to work on the Tuesday after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and not one person said anything about The Dress.

Well, no matter. I know it's new, and that's all that counts!

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  1. Getting it done is a win indeed. Having some for another doesn't hurt either.

    1. Love having enough for another dress, Pat! Wish that would happen more often!

  2. That turned out beautifully! I haven’t sewn clothes in so long, but remember loving it. Perhaps it’s time to dive back in with a good, versatile pattern like you chose. Congrats on the finish!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! You should try again! It’s a nice quick break from quilting, and it gives you something new to wear without going shopping!


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