08 January 2019

Sunrise, Sunset

It had been a long time since Lizard was able to shoot a sunrise with me. I can't remember the last time he was able to shoot a sunset with me. I'm not sure if we even did that during our October trip to California for my parents' 50th anniversary. We shot a sunrise on the way home, but I think that's about the only colorful sky photos we've done together since...

The last time we shot a sunrise and sunset together on the same day... That could have been years ago. It's been that long. I can't remember. I can't find photos we shot together.

That changed on December 15. He had the day off, and I had the whole weekend off. He got up early with me and walked along the greenway, the same bike path where I walk before boarding the train every chance I get.

The sunrise was stunning. The sunrise was even more amazing because we have not had many clouds in the last several months. Skies have been mostly clear most of the time. What an amazing sunrise to share with my favorite person!

Walking along the greenway, I got to show Lizard my favorite muskrat.

I got to introduce him to my friendly great blue heron, who always poses for me.

After a thoroughly enjoyable walk, we enjoyed breakfast, another favorite. He had biscuits and gravy, and I had the veggie scramble. Yum!

He had to work at 4 a.m. the next morning, so he rested while I wrote the following Monday's snowflake pattern. Then we hit Roxborough State Park, a gem we didn't really notice until the last year or so and now can't get enough of, for a short little loop hike.

seen better days

The state park closes before sunrise, so we drove over to nearby Sharptail Ridge to shoot and enjoy the sunset, which I expected to be incredible. The clouds were beginning to dissipate, but there were just enough left over...

Lizard retired a week ago Friday. I'm looking forward to many more sunrises and sunsets together. Forever!


  1. WOW!! Stunning photos! The sunrise ones are truly amazing!

    1. Thank you, Alycia! I see you've been getting some dramatic photos of late, too!

  2. Here's to many more sunsets together and seeing your buddies along the trail that pose away. Hopefully he can enjoy his retirement.

    1. Thank you, Pat! I hope he will enjoy retirement, too! Wish I could join him!!! :)

  3. what beautiful photos! It sounds as though you have some fun things planned together. My hubby is already retired, but will never be up for sunrise!

    1. Thank you! Oh, African Aussie!!! He doesn't know what he's missing!!! Sunrise is the best part of the day!!!

  4. The pictures are really great!


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