25 January 2019

Friday Funny

Last weekend, I made homemade almond hazelnut milk for the first time since about last September. I don't get many chances to bake or cook during the busy winter months because I have to work so much overtime.

Making the milk isn't so bad. I can let the almonds soak overnight, and the soy milk maker takes only about half an hour to actually milk the nuts. But then I need to use up the okara, or nut pulp, quickly, because it can go bad at lightning speed.

I love baking with the okara, but that's where time time crunch takes place. I don't have time, and I don't have enough freezer space for as much okara as I'd need to store - typically a scant cup of okara at least once a week. So I've been buying my almond coconut milk for the last three months.

Last weekend, I had time to bake! I made homemade bread!!! I haven't made homemade bread in several years because that takes about four hours. At least. When I grind the wheat myself, it can take much longer.

homemade whole wheat bread

When I asked Lizard if he'd like a slice of my warm, wonderful homemade whole wheat bread with okara, fresh out of the oven, the look on his face made me think I'd asked him if he'd like a glass of poison.

"Deb," he shyly said, "I don't like okra..."

Um, me neither!!!

Lizard loves my homemade bread. He just didn't know the meaning of okara. I promise I will never bring okra in my house! Unless it's for crafts...

Oh, wow!!! I may actually have to plant some in my garden so I can turn them into awesome ornaments!!!

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