01 February 2019

The Birthday Adventures of Snowbow

January brought a message clear
Snowbow the Bear was about to be here
He needed some work getting in synch
And of birthday rhymes he had to think

Snowbow got his act together
But then came snow, light as a feather
What better way to warm the soul
Than wrap up in a lacy gift of the North Pole

More snow is on the way
Bringing Snowbow a chance to play
It will blow and it will be cold
But good wishes will be bold

All the snow gathering outside
And more falling keeps Snowbow occupied
He’s built three friends with which to play
And named them after nieces this snowy day

Snow has blanketed the ground
And few adventures may be found
Snowbow's sewing up a storm
To keep all inside nice and warm

Just because the ground is white
And the sun is out of sight
Doesn't mean spring is forever gone
Find some flowers and wait for dawn

Snowbow's got a ticket to ride
Far from the Great Divide
The Love Train will transport him to
15 kiddos soon in view

That darned Snowbow! He gets into everything!
Snowbow, "You can't make that crochet hook sing!"
"That's what you think," he grins so sly,
As yarn and hook begin to fly!

That ol' bear is at it again
Mischief with him is never mundane
Every mountain he will climb
Especially when made of fiber prime


  1. I've never seen anything like this! How creative!! I'm a Snowbow fan!

  2. haha now that was a fun run, could make a book be done. You could use the shots of your own and save money on an artist too.

  3. I like Snowbow's snowman friends! ⛄ Also his name. Looking forward to hearing more of his adventures!


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