21 February 2019

4th Rock from the Sun

When Lizard and I first began dating, we would joke about a honeymoon trip to Mars to climb Olympus Mons, the second tallest mountain in the solar system and tallest mountain on the second smallest planet. (Third if you still count Pluto...)

A recent news story posed the question of how such a tiny planet came by such tall mountains. (Lava, lower gravity and limited tectonic plate movement.) Comments... well, you know how I like to collect hilarious comments...

"Surgical implants." - Christopher

"We must, we must, we must increase our crust." - Rocky

"NASA hired Bob Ross." - Norman

"Almonds." - Michael

"No erosion from rainfall?" - Mark

"All Mars footage is filmed on Devon Island near Greenland. That's how." - William

"Mars, the previous Earth, finished its 49,000-year life cycle of 7/7,000-year life cycles." - Kevin

"Skiing Mars mountains was wonderful. Of course, over time we destroyed the planet and headed this direction. The tech we brought with us broke down, and we became the missing link in Earth's history." - Jo

"No weather to blow them down." - C. Leach

"Martian Viagra." - The List

"Marsquakes." - Rita

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⠀ Olympus Mons viewed directly from overhead!⠀ ⠀ Mountains on Mars can get way bigger than on Earth! We already uploaded a video about how did Mars get such enormous mountains, scroll down in our feed, and check it out if you want to know! (I know you are curious)⠀ ⠀ We will increase our daily posting numbers, so if you don’t want to miss any post, make sure to turn on post notifications!⠀ ⠀ #mars #redplanet #martian #terraform #spacefacts #spacecraft #spacex #spacestation #spaceexplorer #spaceexploration #spacephoto #spacephotography #theuniverse #outerspace #interstellar #solarsystem #milkyway #nasa #esa #astronomy #astronomylover #astronomyfacts #cosmos #space #astronaut #internationalspacestation #spacetravel #physics #philosophy #cosmology

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  1. Thanks, for posting the Mars comments, lol. People can be so creative.

  2. haha those Martians must make some good Viagra


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