26 February 2019

Winter Bike to Work Day

I had every intention of riding to work on this year's Winter Bike to Work Day. Eight inches the day before put a chilly wrench in my plan.

I could have ridden the mountain bike. Really, really slow.

I decided being safe is more important than the notch in my achievement belt.

When you sign up for Winter Ride to Work Day, you are committing to ride one day in winter. Rules make it clear you may pick a different day in the case of inclement weather. The sun came out February 8, but I would have had to ride in -11 degrees in the dark for more than two hours. I can wait for another winter ride. Live to ride another day, as they say.

Most of my bosses took a ski day that day, so I got off at noon, a true treat! I settled for a wonderful winter walk along the slushy bike path with Lizard that afternoon and the next day as well. Always more fun when you're with the one you love!

Others rode. And that's fine. I'm happy for them.

But I'm also happy for me. What I did was every bit as fun and worthwhile!

1 comment :

  1. Yeah, much better to arrive safe than to try and do it for ego reasons or whatever. Sounds like you had a great day anyway. Birds were sure out to play.


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