25 September 2018

Pineapple of My Eye

Three years ago last month, one of my bosses returned from Hawaii with a few fresh pineapples. I took one crown home and "planted" it in a glass of water in an attempt to grow my own pineapple. I'd read pineapple plants have blue flowers, and I've got this thing about blue flowers.

It didn't take long for the first roots to appear. Perhaps two or three weeks. I planted the crown in a little pot.

Here's my happy little pineapple plant the following Christmas, just four months later.

Four months later, in April of 2016, it was ready for a bigger pot.

Now it's three years old and 26 inches tall.

Here's a distant relative in Hawaii. The only pineapple plant I shot during my 2004 Hawaiian trip. I wonder if my pineapple will look like this one day.


  1. It sure has grown after all those years. Maybe it will get to the status of its relative, have to outdo family lol

  2. Wow, it really took off! When I saw the last photo I was thrilled that you got some fruit - then I read the last paragraph. :| Maybe you will get a fruit someday.


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