20 September 2018

Caught Up

I got behind on my Blockheads project due to cycling, working late and trying to crank out a custom order for my Etsy shop. Of course, that would be the week the designers (whom I admire and love for graciously supplying free block patterns every week for a second year) release two blocks. Then three! I was five blocks behind!!!

Nothing an afternoon at the sewing machine can't cure...

I also didn't get a chance to write about and share what I did after the last block I finished back when I was on schedule, finishing a block every week. The Patchwork Flower block by Corey Yoder is gorgeous, but my blocks all have a snowflake theme. So I made a frozen flower instead.

I had so much fun making the French braid for the icicle on the flower, I decided to use up some more scraps to make another big, long French braid. As in, 57 inches long! Initially, I thought it might be a great insert in a dress. But as it grew, I wondered if I should make a quilt or at least a quilt border out of it.

I haven't decided yet what to do with it, but it features almost every snowflake fabric in my scrap collection.

First up on the overdue blocks was Fidget Spinner by Lynne Hagmeier. I put the same color triangle on the inside of each block quarter so I'd have room for a snowflake in the center. I liked the block so much, I made a second one without a snowflake, a completely scrappy version.

Next came Corner Pocket by Me & My Sister.

The Texas Puzzle block by Carrie Nelson made me think of Texas two-step, and my version of the block turned out pretty darned cute, but I thought perhaps I might have a snowflake that would fit in that tiny one-inch center. Mini Hexie Madness fit like a charm!

Then came a block I could relate to... Big Storm by Brigitte Heitland. I accidentally cut the rectangles half an inch short and decided to extend the "sky" to the top of the block. My storm is rolling in over the mountains.

The fifth block is MishMash by Vanessa Goertzen. This was another fun use of the leftovers from my tree skirt panel.

I also took the opportunity, finally, to replace the ugly pineapple block that looks like lobster claws I drafted myself...

... with an alternate block recommended by Kay Ahr. Thank you, Kay! This block was fun because I worked up the center to find out how big a solid center would need to be, so I got an extra block out of the deal. Both blocks will have snowflakes, but I'm still writing the patterns.

This block also taught me to stop worrying about the leftover triangles that are multiplying every week. I've been trying to incorporate the leftovers whenever I get the chance, and it's led to some of my blocks not being the correct size. I realized while working on this replacement block, which resulted in a ton more triangles, I can use up all those tiny snowflake scraps in a ticker tape quilt. The thought actually is rather exciting, so they can multiply and replenish the stash now all they want. I'll still use them up in a worthy project!

The Blockheads Project is coming along nicely. Everyone who sees it asks for whom I'm making it. Quite possibly me!!!

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  1. Using up leftovers is a win indeed. Even getting behind you get caught up, way of the cat, so he likes that.

    1. Getting caught up is grand, Pat! Getting behind, which is going to happen at least two more times, can be such a drag!


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