27 September 2018

Rock On

People frequently ask me how long the crochet covered rocks in my garden last. I began putting cotton-covered rocks in my garden in 2012 after realizing cotton does not wick moisture. It holds it. Much of my garden had fried that year while we were away on Ride the Rockies, and I wanted to see if rocks with cotton in the garden would give my plants a better chance at surviving severe heat and even drought conditions.

The experiment was successful... and beautiful! Neighbors often ask me if I will do their garden next.

In 2015 when we had more rain than our ground could swallow, I experienced slugs for the first time in my life. They wreaked havoc in my garden, finding particularly the irises most yummy.

After a bit of research, I poured Mountain Dew throughout the garden, wherever irises were located, and managed to stop most of the slug damage.

However, the following year, all of the crocheted rock coverings that made contact with the yucky drink dissolved. Literally! (The pop is not something we keep on hand. We bought it for a visiting friend, who didn't drink it all.)

carbonation addiction

I found three rocks with the coverings entirely abducted by aliens or something!!

I've been replacing those rocks as I find them. This was the first year I found rocks ready to be replaced that never drank any rocky mountain p... sorry, old habits die hard... Mountain Dew. So I guess you could say crocheted rock coverings last at least six years in the Colorado altitude and weather extremes.

letting loose

One funny rock I discovered turned out to be not a rock at all! It sure felt like a rock when I first put it into the crocheted cozy! Of course, perhaps it really WAS a rock, and it got hit by the Mountain Dew, too...

I've been busily replacing the coverings of real rocks all summer long. I've been saving them up for my little neighbors to put in my garden because they really get a kick out of that. Now that the garden is nearly done and gone for the year, this collection is ready to take up new residence.

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  1. haha gotta watch out for those aliens. Could make a business and charge all the neighbors. Don't know how people can put that crap in their body after knowing it can melt through such things.

    1. I'm with you, Pat. I haven't had a carbonated drink since 1999, and I have no reason at all to drink them again! Just imagine what they must do to your insides if they can take graffiti off a car and disintegrate cotton!

      I probably could make a business of crocheted rock coverings... If I could crochet faster!!!!! :)

  2. What a great idea, and beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Kat! It truly does make the garden even more beautiful!

  3. Wow, if Mt Dew does that to crochet, what does it do to your insides? Yikes!

    Love seeing these photos. I envy you that nice round rock collection! :)

    1. I agree with you, Sue! Why would anyone want to put that stuff in their body?!?

      You would love the sunset hike Lizard and I took last night... we took a trail to a gravel pond, and the path was covered with river-smoothed rocks! Oh, would I have loved to bring a handful home!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ela! They really do add to the garden!


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