17 May 2018

Catch a Wave

This project is not a quilting WIP, but boy, oh, boy, has it been sitting in the "to do" pile for quite a few years!

I bought this fabric on the Big Island in 2004 after winning a supposedly all-expenses paid trip at a singles dance. I keep promising to tell the tale of the trip that ended up costing a pretty penny, but it's yet another WIP I've not quite finished. One day...

Suffice it to say, I had to mail home my package of Hawaiian fabric because I didn't have room in my shoestring luggage!

Now that I don't have any quilt gift deadlines (other than my sister-in-law, whose birthday is this weekend, and I've already told her it will be a bit late, but it's almost done!!!), I have a little more time to work on things for me, such as my pile of dresses, all cut out and just waiting to be sewn. This was one of them.

On a lark, I decided after getting home from work late one night that one of the dresses in the stack needed to be done by the next morning so I could wear it to work. This one was super simple. I did modify the pattern a bit, cutting out pockets, because I don't carry a purse anymore. Crochet bag, yes. Purse, no. Pockets are so handy for phones, car keys and wallet.

The dress was done by 11 p.m. Lizard was already asleep; he has to be at work about four hours before me, so I didn't dare wake him. I thought perhaps I could get some photos of myself on the greenway the next morning before work by using the camera's self-timer. That way, I could show off my new dress with a few anti-selfies, and I also could show why I love to walk along the greenway before going to work each morning if I can.

I wasn't too sure I wanted to spend time on the greenway. I hadn't seen any wildlife the last three times I went. Wildlife is plentiful in winter, when most patrons are staying warm at home. The bike path sees much more traffic in good spring weather, both foot traffic and two-wheeled traffic. The foot traffic runs, splashes, and brings pets that like to chase anything that moves, and hands connected to foot owners like to throw rocks in the river.

But now I know the secret. Just wear a new dress, and vow to take pictures of it. Wildlife comes out of the woodwork (or perhaps the waterwork...) to pose and distract the photographer!!!

No, this isn't my new lens. This is the good, old point-and-shoot. Because it can do movies.

Dad and Mom

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  1. That little fellow was sure having quite the convo with you. Wildlife was sure out and about indeed. Pockets are always a win too.

    1. We’ve got a tree sparrow pair nesting in our backyard, too, Pat! They are so fun to watch!

  2. Dress looks great, and so do you. Clearly you have an admirer, or maybe two. Super pictures!

    1. Thank you, Laughing Gas! (What a name, by the way!!!). The heron is my friend and is somewhat accustomed to being stalked by me, but the rest have some serious issues with paparazzi. :)

  3. Gosh, what a great incentive to sew more dresses! What a great set of photos, of both you and the wildlife.
    That fabric is lovely. :)


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