08 May 2018

New Eye

There are no icy cold snowflakes to photograph right now, and that might be a good thing, being as the garden is in summer mode now. However, I am very happy to report I finally saved up enough to replace my retired macro (close-up) lens!

Everyone at work last Friday told me to take lots of good pictures last weekend!

I tried! I've got a bunch of garden work to get done before true summer hits, but I did give this magnificent baby a bit of a workout!

I could hardly wait to use the new lens, so the first picture I took with it was of the first thing I saw after mounting the lens...

The second shot with the new lens...

That's one of my Mother's Day snowflake cakes from yesterday, and not even as close as the new lens gets. Pretty impressive!

I'm not going to wish the summer away, but I am looking forward to shooting genuine snowflakes with my new toy! (Maybe I'll just have to drive up to the mountains when it's storming up there...)

Photography is fun once again!!!

not the first poppy of 2018

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  1. Sure giving your toy a grand workout indeed. If you can't wait, it is always good to have snowy mountains around.


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