01 May 2018

On the Road Again

Typically our first road ride of the year happens a heck of a lot sooner than the end of April. We like to ride up Deer Creek Canyon throughout the year when we can, and the road looping around Chatfield Reservoir is an excellent training ride... when the Reservoir isn't undergoing a serious makeover.

Perhaps surgery is a more appropriate term for what is happening at Chatfield this year. Even sunrise/sunset photography at that location has been curtailed, and wildlife viewing is practically non-existent.

2017 marked the mileage for new rims on my road bike; think replacing rims on a car, only different because bicycle gears are connected to the rims... Major surgery. Plus, my bike is even more difficult than Lizard's because I like tire liners. Because I don't like changing skinny tires.

Lizard will be the first to growl on any occasion about putting tire liners in skinny tires because it's not a chore for the weak at heart. Just another reason I love my Lizard!

We weren't sure last year if my neck would require major surgery, so we put off bicycle surgery until this year, when we knew for sure I could ride again. And probably because Lizard wisely didn't trust me to obey ALL my doctor's orders and stay off the bike until I healed sufficiently. (Mischievous grin.)

Combine all that with weather, weddings, the resurgence of elbow pain, weekend work schedules and one too many late work nights every single week, and the road bikes have been understandably feeling a bit of genuine neglect.

Lizard finished up my road bike a week or so ago, and we set out for our annual spring pink tree ride... a smooth and easy pedal along the bike path to a grove of pink and white trees, where we love to shoot photos of each other.

Twice in the past we've arrived before the pink trees were explosively blooming. Easy fix. We go back and do it again the following weekend.

Couldn't do that this year, thanks to work schedules, so we did something totally different. We did the white trees this time around. No regrets! Oh, and my bike is purring like a happy cat!

Perhaps the best part of our annual pink tree trek is the Qdoba burritos we grab on the way home to enjoy while we chill out after a fabulous ride!

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  1. Finding time can be a struggle sometimes indeed. But makes it all the better when you do and have it all fixed and ready to go.


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