29 May 2018

Everybody Gets a Bath!

I didn't get to put the indoor plants in the rain last year to give them a breath of fresh air and a chance to bathe due to neck and elbow pain. So I think "the children" really enjoyed this year's outing!

Crystalized Hoya... with the real camera

All the hippy kids got haircuts... They say you should trim your Christmas cactus to make them more bushy and less scraggly. The hoya got detangled. Dead leaves were removed from everything. Soil was freshened; dust was abolished.

They say you can root Christmas cactus cuttings if you cut them past the first two Y junctions. I had only one cutting that fit that description, and it was placed in a pot with new soil and plenty of water.

In an experiement to determine whether they will root, other long, straight cuttings were placed in re-purposed jars from the kitchen, such as empty spice and balsamic vinegar containers, which all make great vases this time of year when I like to bring in flowers from the garden.

Outdoor plants were loving the moisture, too.

Some of the garden has spilled over into the rocks, where nothing should be growing. I carefully dug up blossoming blue flax and California bluebells and planted them in the few open sections of soil in the garden. Fingers crossed the roots will keep sipping from their new homes and the stalks will keep producing.

This is the newest addition to my outdoor garden. When the wind blows, this cute mini bicycle keeps my little two-year-old neighbor in stitches.


  1. That is a neat addition indeed. Never thought of giving the indoor plants some outdoor fun.

  2. Oh Deb, your garden looks stunning! So lush and green.

    We had some blessed rain today, after nearly a week of 90+ temps. All the plants looked happier for it. :)


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