10 July 2017

Snowflake Monday

I have wanted to try making snowflake ornaments from CLEAN cotton swabs (NOT used!!!) for years, but I'm glad I didn't try it until now. I would have used every kind of bottled glue in my house, probably unsuccessfully. Thanks to the lid flake process a couple of weeks ago, I started this new process with a glue gun, and my cotton swab snowflake ornament stayed intact the first time!

I used a clean yogurt lid as the foundation, and I cut several cotton swabs into pieces. Because snowflakes have six sides, I worked in groups of six... 12, 18 or 24. I played around with embellishment options when done, and for the final touch, I added a ribbon hanger.

Do you have ideas for cotton swab snowflake ornaments or other snowflakes fashioned from things that might otherwise be thrown away? I might have a couple more prizes up my sleeve for the best idea submissions...

If you'd like to join the challenge, post tasteful photos to Instagram using the hashtag #reflake2017july by midnight Mountain Time on Friday, July 14. I'm doing a shorter contest period this time around in the hopes participants won't forget.

If you don't have an Instagram account, you may post photos to Sisters of the Snowflake or send them to me at snowcatcher at att dot net.

Winners will be announced next Monday.

cotton swab snowflake ornaments


  1. Sure found another way for a snowflake display. Always creative indeed. Clean ones were the way to be lol Orlin would eat them though, he likes Q-tips for some reason.

    1. How funny, Pat! I've had mine cats over the years, and not a single one ate Q-tips!


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