06 July 2017

Good Grips on my WIPs

My goal last quarter was one finish, knowing I probably wouldn't get anything done during May and June due to Ride the Rockies. Not being able to ride changed that a bit. I've finished four quilts, three on my WIP list. No new quilts started!!!

I'm making progress!!! The last time I was down to 30 WIPs was the Winter 2015 quarter.

I don't have a WIP finish to report this week, although I have about 20 hours into free-motion quilting Purple Haze so far this month. I think it's going to need about four more hours of quilting before I can bind it.

I did finish dyeing about 16 more hanks of crochet thread, including this one that was supposed to match my snow-dyed WIP... If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

These ones match my Ride the Rockies jersey. I didn't plan it that way. Just a very pleasant surprise! Each year, the Ride the Rockies jersey has a secret message inside the collar.

These match my newest cycling socks, purchased from the Save Our Soles clearance tent during Ride the Rockies. SOS sells last year's (and older) $15 socks three pairs for $10. I try to get three new pairs of socks each year to replace the oldest ones in my collection that no longer cover the toes and/or heels. Lizard uses the old socks for rags in his bike shop. Unless I can convert a cuff into a handy pocket camera or smart phone cozy.

They also coordinate nicely with my latest Spoonflower designs!

Of course, it always makes me smile when I finish winding all the thread or yarn I dye in a single day. Winding often takes as many days or even weeks as the number of hours I spend dyeing!

The Ravelry WIP challenge is to finish at least one WIP each quarter. I hope to finish two quilts each month this quarter.

1. Hawaiian Punch

2. Snowflake Heartburn

3. Leaf Me Alone

4. Welcome to the Jungle

5. Blue Floral Nostalgia

6. Lizard Toes

7. Hexie Booboo

8. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

Teal Time
9. Teal Shadows

10. Goodbye Hollyhock Road

11. Charmed by Snowflakes

Snowflake Strip Bar
12. Snowflake Strip Bar

13. Rainbow Strip Bar

14. Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

15. Blue Floral Trilogy

16. Lavender Sunrise

17. Giant Dahlia

18. Showcase

19. Snowbike II

20. Autumn Splendor

21. Scrappy Block-a-Day Stars

22. Cool Edge of the Rainbow

23. One More Ticker Tape

24. Collared Lizard Wall Quilt

25. Blood Orange

26. Time for Me to Fly

27. Venetian Squiggles

28. Purple Haze

29. Rainbow Stripes

30. Scrappy Blue Block a Day

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  1. You sure have lots on the go, getting down on the WIP list is always grand, at least for my ocd. Then more ideas come and it grows. Beats having none and being bored any day.

    1. I never have to face boredom, Pat. But I do find myself losing ideas because I can't quilt or crochet fast enough!

  2. Wonderful work and very colourful to look at indeed. Thanks for sharing and greetings!

    1. Thank you! Color does make me very happy!

  3. Wow! That's a beautiful gallery of projects. The variety of colours and patchwork patterns makes for a stunning blog post. thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Alison! I hope to be down to 24 by the next quarter...


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