20 July 2017

Citrus Whip

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I got my first taste of a blood orange at an office party just before the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl in February 2016. Because the fruit was so delicious and so beautiful, I bought one of my own so I could take it home, slice it up, photograph it and then eat it. Of course, some of those photos became Bronco fodder after the Super Bowl.

During last summer's Spoonflower fat quarter sale, I printed one of the blood orange photos. I had this awesome idea for a wall hanging, using my new-at-the-time wedge template. I fashioned a fabric sunrise before we traveled to Washington last September for the Deception Pass Classic.

By the time we got back home, I couldn't remember what I'd planned to do with the blood orange, and I was on a tight deadline trying to finish seven quilts by Thanksgiving in the hopes I wouldn't have to mail them (which I had to do in the end). The blood orange got buried on the WIP rack because it was destined to become a wall quilt, not a kid-size quilt.

A few months ago we bought our first juicer, and I've been going crazy making homemade juice ever since.

A new idea was born!!!

Initially, I just played with the blood orange shot in Photoshop. After playing with my real food, I decided the new photos were so much better than the Photoshopped versions.

Spoonflower recently completed another fat quarter sale, and I plundered the opportunity to print my new fruit. The day my new fat quarters arrived, I whipped up some Citrus Whip, and I'm so excited this can be a kid quilt instead of a wall hanging now! Nothing like Vitamin C to keep a little one warm, right?

The new quilt top was just a tad too small, so I auditioned every orange, red, yellow and green fabric in my stash to make it bigger. I finally decided on eggshell, which I think is much better than any of the colors would have been.

I played with leftovers from the individual fat quarter borders and came up with a wedgy border to finish off the quilt top.

Now I just need to find the perfect backing for this newly finished quilt top!

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  1. A new perk of vitamin C, all from the mind of thee. Probably less messy this way too than playing with your actual food.

    1. Yes, indeed, Pat, much less messy, but oh, so worth it!


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