13 April 2017

Little Princess(es)

I gave my little seven-year-old neighbor a Disney Princess charm pack for her seventh birthday last year. We started her quilt in November. She wanted to finish it by Christmas. We got it done before Easter...

This is her first pieced quilt. We made two panel quilts last year when her baby brother was born, one for her and one for him. She totally designed this one using 2-inch jelly roll strips in my scrap boxes, and this time she did all the quilting herself. She has come a long way since those panel quilts!

She can still drive the sewing machine a little too fast, and sometimes she gets chattering and forgets to watch where she's sewing, but she's made so much progress, even since we started in November.

When she finished the first two rows, she excitedly sewed them together. I suggested we pin the rest of the rows and go a little slower, and almost all of her second, third and fourth row corners match up perfectly!

I put the binding on, but the rest is all her! She is so proud of this creation!

Disney Princesses

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  1. She sure looks to be very determined and great she is learning and getting better. That is what practice can do and bring plenty of Disney Princesses in view haha

    1. She's so much fun, Pat! Sometimes I wish they could stay small and never grow up. They wouldn't like that very much, though...

  2. I just made a quilt for an almost 2 year old! I did it differently, but she likes the fabrics!!!

    1. You used the Disney Princesses, Mary? I don't know any little girl who wouldn't love that!

  3. What a fabulous quilt! I love the bright colors and the classic "surrounded square" pattern. I'd be proud to have made that at age 53, much less age 7! :)

    1. Thank you, Louise! She is very proud, and I don't blame her!


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