20 April 2017

Hexie Madness

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My Hexie Madness design has been making some fun splashes at Spoonflower. It's been on the Trendy List, and it's been on the Favorites List.

I made a jumper I just love. I get compliments every single time I wear it. I still have a bit left to use up.

I made versions with blue background, teal background, black background, white background and plum background. Here's my favorite...

The design was created from multiple hexagon renditions of a tree silhouette I snapped against a vivid rainbow a couple of years ago. This particular design features my very first seamless design. I did the repeat manually in a very old version of Photoshop! No automatic plug-ins did this!

After I made the mostly blue fabric, I was so tickled, I decided to make another hexagon fabric incorporating samples of all my hexie snowflakes created from photos I've taken. These hexagons were created from 102 different photos of flowers, autumn leaves, crochet, sunrises and sunsets, fireworks and snowflakes, of course. "Hexie Madness" turned out to be popular on Spoonflower, too!

I used a couple of fussy cuts from my fat quarter sample of the multi-color hexie fabric, but I'd yet to make a full project. It was time to make something to show off this fancy stuff.

I didn't want a bag, an apron, a pillow, a placemat or a potholder, but less than a fat quarter isn't really enough for much else.

I kept thinking how great the hexies would look in a jumper I could wear year-round. I decided to use my Hexie Madness fat quarter for the front of the jumper bodice!

The skirt is two yards of Moda's Primitive Muslin flannel, and the pockets, the back of the bodice and the lining are leftover plain gray flannel from the back of a quilt I don't even remember (there wasn't enough of the Primitive Muslin to make the whole dress). Perhaps the gray flannel is left over from one of The Lizard's quilts...

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  1. Sure stands out indeed as many a color takes seed. Let the madness continue haha

    1. Thanks, Pat! I hope I do get more hexie inspiration!


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