27 April 2017

Purple Power

Purple Haze

Before I am an old woman, I shall wear purple. Often.

Last year I began cutting up my purple dress and quilt leftovers into charm squares. One winter Saturday, I began mixing and matching the blocks to make disappearing four patches. Back then, I thought I'd make another triangle quilt like the one I made for cousin Noah for Christmas last year.

But then Artisan Spirit released the new Echoes panel. Some of my purple leftovers match the purple Echoes panel. So I HAD to have one! Made the flimsy come together much faster, too. This is one of my new favorite quilt tops. I love looking at it, and I can't wait to quilt it.

Some of my purple leftovers come from dresses I've made, including this one...

The Artisan Spirit Shimmer was the perfect frame for this panel. I wasn't sure I'd have enough, so I kept the frame narrow. I have about eight inches of the full yard left now.

After the very pale blue frame and the Artisan Spirit Shimmer, I began putting my disappearing four patches together and realized I would be just a little short lengthwise. I decided to add another border to the top and bottom so the four patch blocks would fit properly. I used the leftovers from another dress!

I like the back of the quilt top as much as the front. The triangle seams make me want to craft a Hunter's Star quilt from the remaining leftovers.

And yet, another half-square triangle quilt would be fun to make and quilt. I am anxious to start quilting Purple Haze and whatever I do with the remaining blocks and charm squares.

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  1. Making great use of the leftovers indeed there at your feed!

    1. If only I could make a dent in the scrap stash, Pat! I feel as if the scraps are taking over!!!

  2. What a lovely, creative quilt! Wonderful colors excellently made.

    1. Thank you, Pam! This has been one of my favorite projects!

  3. Pretty purple project! You're right, that panel is super.

    1. Thank you, Louise! I found out they have that panel in three more colors...


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