11 April 2017

Citrus Serenity

I've been playing with my food again.

And oh, was that fresh-squeezed orange juice after I got done playing delicious!!! (As was the freshly squeezed lemon limeade and the orange grapefruit juice. I'm definitely going to have to do this more often!)


  1. Orange you having lots of fun with your food!

    1. The Lizard and I cantaloupe while playing with food, Pat!

  2. Mmmm! I love citrus fruits. They're beautiful and they smell so amazing when you slice into them. Grapefruit scent in particular just makes me feel happy.

    I sense some Spoonflower fabric in the works....

    1. Boy, you just know me way to well, Sue! Yes, there is some Spoonflower fabric brewing in my head...


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