22 September 2016


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When I first designed this Spoonflower cheater panel, I planned to do a scrappy border or two all the way around to make it big enough for one of my cousins this Christmas, then move on to the next panel and do the same thing. I am trying to finish 14 quilts again this year by Christmas for my cousins' kids, as well as a niece and nephew who didn't get quilts last year because I didn't get them finished in time. I need a bunch of quickies, so to speak, in order to finish on time. This year is really getting away from me!

The first border, made mostly from leftovers from Hearts of Gold, knocked my socks off and inspired all kinds of new ideas.

I so enjoyed playing with my leftovers!

The second border used up nearly all the scraps from Hearts of Gold! I think I have three triangles left!

With two pieced and two solid borders, the quilt top is almost big enough for a little kid now. I thought I could make it just a wee bit bigger and add a just a bit more color pizazz if I made a rainbow border that goes all the way around, unbroken. I pieced 2.5-inch strips of almost all of my Kona colors with the intention of slicing it into striped 2.5-inch strips.

But now that it's done, I'm not sure I can cut it up!

It's crying out to me that it can be a quilt of its own! It doesn't want to be cut into pieces!!!

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  1. That is neat indeed. Follow the arrows or triangles, reminded me of arrows though.

  2. Just gorgeous! I love the panel idea, but those borders....Beautiful!

  3. Oh, I can see why you didn't cut up the rainbow. Wow, it's pretty. I really like the first and second "just playin'" arrangements.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I may still cut a couple of thin slices out of it, but I do think it's going to be a quilt. My head is exploding with ideas...

  4. WHat a beautiful rainbow quilt. Congratulations!


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