06 September 2016

Colorado Dreamin'

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When I did my first calendar (what feels like a century ago) the shop planning to sell copies requested I have them done by the beginning of September. They said that's when people buy calendars. That's not typically when I buy calendars, but okay. I can do that.

I printed the calendars myself the first few years and had Kinko's print them for me the last two years of this endeavor. I was fortunate to sell out every year.

A few years later, I designed weekly planners for the office where I work. My employer paid me a licensing fee to use my photos, which meant I was unable to use the photos in each calendar for two years after publishing. The venture was great while it lasted; the money I saved the few years of this enterprise helped pay off my emergency back surgery. When the economy tanked in 2008, the printer we used went out of business, and the office where I work scaled back and stopped printing a thousand calendars with 56 of my photos each year to send to clients.

I started printing calendars on my own again, just for me and my family and friends. The printer I was using was fabulous. I could design and order calendars at the end of November and still receive them in time to get them in the mail for Christmas presents! I could sell extra calendars in the annual Christmas craft fair I participate in, but not online because the printer wasn't set up for that.

That particular printer went out of business about four years ago now, and it took a while for me to find a new printer. I finally selected Zazzle, and Zazzle is set up for online sales. 2017 will be my third year offering calendars online!

"Colorado Dreamin'" features 14 photos of the Pacific Ocean. In Colorado, we have lakes and ponds and rivers, but we don't have oceans. So I dream. And this calendar features a few of my favorite beach scenes. (And one of the most unique mountain/ocean scenes you'll ever see, because how could I not?) My 2017 calendar is the perfect imaginary escape during the workday or even while just daydreaming at home!

Zazzle features a new product sale every day, so watch for site-wide savings or the next calendar sale, and go "Colorado Dreamin'" with me!


  1. When everything goes down hill, it sure goes down hill. But up we go, and now new calendars can show. Amazing what is out there to get things done online these days. Nice with the licensing fee too back then, added perk.

    1. It was nice, Pat. I wish I could get a deal like that again, although it does make me squeamish to give up the rights to my photos, even if only a couple of years.


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