01 October 2015

WIP it good!

Last July, Crazy Mom Quilts displayed her 25 then-current WIPs (works in progress). She said anything over 25 is panic stage. She encouraged readers to confess how many WIPs of their own are lurking.

I thought I was bad with 38 at the time. Some of Amanda's readers have more than I do! That was comforting, but also empowering. I am in the process of attempting to actually finish quilts and quilting projects instead of adding more, at least for now, but there was a huge swelling of pride in knowing other quilters have as much quilting passion as I do and aren't afraid to show it.

Thank heavens I haven't discovered my panic point yet! Although the goal is to not reach that point, as well as get some of these older babies finished and off the list.

I'm in a quarterly WIP challenge on Ravelry, and the challenge has helped me get all my WIPs organized. The quarterly challenge is to finish at least one WIP per quarter, and there's plenty of cheerleading and encouragement even when I'm not able to complete a project. Optional fat quarter rewards make the challenge even more fun for me, not only in receiving sometimes international fabrics, but being able to share my unused fat quarters with others. (Or cut a fat quarter from a yard of fabric I just couldn't resist...)

Even though training and Ride the Rockies dominated my second and third challenge quarters this year, I was able to knock off 3 projects (plus one of them incorporated orphan blocks from the ninth WIP on my list) after I regained some energy following a very draining Ride the Rockies that kicked off my third quarter challenge. Yippee for finishing something big during summer!!!

Not only did I knock a few projects off my list, I also am teaching my husband to quilt, and he finished two rag quilts in just over two weeks!!!

Lizard's Second Quilt

The Lizard's 2nd Quilt, washed

The Lizard's 2nd Quilt, washed

Then my 33-year-old sewing machine bit the dust. I was working on Number 12 on last quarter's list when something snapped inside the machine.

I didn't want to stop sewing. Typically, I turn my machine in for annual servicing during Ride the Rockies so I don't miss it while it's gone. With my husband sewing now, too, I decided it was time for another investment. Both of us could make good use of a backup machine. So I bought a $99 machine at the closest department store. I can't quilt with it because the throat is too narrow, but it sews clothing just fine! I can piece, too, and some of the projects on my list need more piecing.

Here is my fourth quarter WIP list. This is the first time since I joined the Ravelry challenge I've had a shorter list than the previous quarter! I didn't actually start any new projects this quarter, but I found three older projects I'd previously forgotten to add when I started them.

1. Hawaiian Compass

2. Snowflake Heartburn

3. Leaf Me Alone

4. Welcome to the Jungle

5. Blue Floral Leftovers, the Sequel

6. Long Forgotten

7. Blue Floral

8. Lizard Toes

9. Turtle Sherbet

10. Skinned

11. Under the Sea

12. Skinned, the Sequel

13. Hexie Booboo

14. Tickled Pink, the Sequel

15. Teal Shadows

16. Gemtones

17. Teabags

18. Goodbye Hollyhock Road

19. Snowflake Strip Bar

20. Charmed by Snowflakes

21. Rainbow Strip Bar

22. Dreaming of a Lavender Christmas

23. Blue Christmas

24. Green Floral Batik Postage Stamps

25. July Special Effects

26. Quilt of Valor

27. Blue Floral Trilogy

28. Lavender Sunrise

29. Giant Dahlia

30. Faded Gems

31. Showcase

32. Heart Strings

33. One More Ticker Tape

34. Arctic Skies

35. Peacock Blues

36. Snowbike II

37. Autumn Splendor

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


  1. haha always good when people have more wip's then you, let's you know you are ahead of someone at least haha the lizard will help you get them down even more now that he's doing it too.

    1. That's pretty funny, Pat. You suppose I really could give him an assignment and ask him to finish one of my WIPs?!? :D

  2. You'll get 'em! Right now, I'm one big WIP. I like number 2 the best, I think.

    1. Oh, man! You're supposed to like #8 the best, Lizard!!! Just teasing. I don't know that #2 will ever get done as a quilt. That's the one I keep threatening to turn into potholders...

  3. I just love your blog. It helps me to know I am not the only crazy one out there. LOL I do embrodiery work and have tons of projects. I mostly do tea towels because that is quick and makes good presents. One of my friends asked me to make some for a Christmas present. She was smart and gave it to me several months ago. I have 4 done. LOL I could easily do 1 a night but man you gatta be in the mood. THEN, I found how to make a quilt out of old jeans. HAHA yeah....that's the next project.

    1. Good luck on that denim quilt, Texas! We're getting ready to start cutting up all our old jeans for a quilt, and I'm both anxious and excited!

  4. Your WIP photos always blow me away ... they may not be FOs, but dang you are productive girl! And creative!

    1. Thanks, Sue! I'm making progress! I've finished two since I published this post!


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