16 October 2015

Friday Funny

While we were camping in Grand Teton National Park last month, we picnicked near Jackson Lake after a nice bicycle ride to Jenny Lake and back. Any visitor to just about any national park in the southwest brings home stories of camp robbers (or gray jays) taking off with food left unattended for a split second.

It wasn't long before three birds had us surrounded. Hungry birds, I might add. They got braver and braver with each pass.

Finally, one landed on the wheel of the Lizard's bike, which he'd rested on the ground. The wheel immediately began rotating, and the camp robber did a little shimmy for us, attempting to maintain his balance while keeping his eye on our food. We decided his antics were worth a bread crumb or two, and we tossed him a couple of very small pieces of bread crust, hoping I could get a video of his hilarious dance.

No such luck. He had his treat, and away he flew, along with all his competition.

So, this cute dancing bird will just have to do instead.


  1. haha guess he should watch what he lands on. that bird can really move lol

  2. you had a little birdie connection... cool!

  3. And away he flew... I wonder what that's like. :)

    1. Hunger makes all of brave.

      Hey, it's Sunday....
      Such a fun day!

  4. I think the jay is cuter, even if you couldn't film him dancing! :)

  5. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it is well known that camp robbers are the spirits of lumberjacks, that's why they are so fearless about robbing your dining table. That said, my neighbor has a cockatoo just like that one, named Houdini. He does what I call a Happy Chicken Dance every time he sees me. I think he likes my giggle or something.


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