20 October 2015

All Roads Lead to Chatfield

Waterton Canyon's still closed, so singletrack trails around Chatfield are still the cycling destination of choice when we can't escape to Crested Butte or Grand Junction.

Most of the leaves in the high country are but a faded memory creating winter's mulch, but the leaves at 6,000 feet are still showing a wide range of hues.

My 23-mile ride included the relocation of five praying mantises. The Lizard said each must have been seeking morning heat from the concrete and bike path following a cool night. Each sat right in the path of oncoming bikes. I couldn't just leave them there! One by one, I gently moved them, with the help of nearby twigs, to sun-basking greenery, where I hoped they could continue to soak up the sun out of harm's way.

I'm so lucky to live in a state with so many beautiful autumn colors! Especially the ones so close to home!


  1. Great shots. Hopefully the mantis' appreciated your help.

  2. Nice shots. Hopefully, we may have a few more weeks of color to go.

  3. Just glorious. And to think it's all over until next year!

    That maple is very interesting - I've never seen one with smooth bark like that.


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