29 October 2015

The Return, er, um, the Borrowing...


Back in June, I ran a Friday Funny based on a real life news story that, in my opinion, was really, really funny, thanks to the wonderful reader comments.

If you're in need of a good laugh or two, you may step back in time and enjoy that post all over again here.

This month, the "discoverer" of those skeletons felt he didn't get the attention he deserved for his find, so he returned to the Colorado River, rescued his, I mean, THE skeletons and posed them on his porch in Parker (AZ, not CO) as a Halloween decoration. He says he'll return what has become a "really neat attraction," according to Chris Chambers of the Buckskin Fire Department, after Día de Muertos.

Just in time for Halloween and Day of the Dead, readers have had a heyday once again!

"Somebody should've flushed while he was was down there." - Indiscriminate

"Guy plants skeletons, discovers them, didn't get famous, gets mad..." - Halldrice

"In related news: Martin Sholl declared biggest baby on the planet." - CurtS

"Aw, poor baby! I'm sure mommy still wuvs her precious widdle Martin." - Jaded Idealist

"What? He didn't get a movie deal? That's outrageous. Hollywood must be asleep." - Susan

"Those were left by Grateful Divers after Jerry died in '95." - Ben

"And people like this are bottling our valuable air to use it in scuba tanks." - Steve

"Next, the real owner will take them off Sholl's balcony." - RUKiddin

"I didn't know five-year-olds could get diving licenses." - Mic

"Those two skeletons were marking the spot where Martin Sholl hid his stash. Sheriff really was doing him a favor by keeping his name secret." - Spirit of Charles Martel

"Can't blame him. Everyone needs friends to come over sometimes, and Sholl's options are no doubt a bit limited." - turtlewannabe

"10 to 1 he tries to sell them on eBay." - Jaded Idealist

"Apparently, possession is whine tenths of the law." - Mock Arena

"I was at the Grand Canyon once and the media failed to mention it; I was crushed, but I didn't fill in the canyon." - thebest

"It takes a backbone or two to stand up to the media and come off like an idiot." - Mike

"He also was angry he didn't get credit for discovering the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon and spicy buffalo wings." - DavidR

"Obammy will be calling for the skeletons to register to vote. Sholl better get them back in the water soon." - top

"They are smoking way toooo much in Colorado already." - guy

"What was he expecting, the key to the city, a parade, bards to compose verses about him? OK then...
Sir Martin, Sir Martin, he's not so humble, Sir Martin.
When anonymity reared it's ugly head,
he took the skeletons and fled,
Sir Martin whined, Sir Martin moaned,
because he found some plastic bones,
but they didn't put his name in lights
and now he's claiming salvage rights, Sir Martin!" - Misha

"Calista Flockhart and Lara Flynn Boyle were under water?" - Laura

"Is this guy a Kardashian?" - Rick

"Is this really newsworthy? - R. David

fright night


  1. lol actually surprised on the movie deal one, you'd think Hollywood would try as they do everything else. haha fun comments

  2. O-kay!

    Some great comments though. :)


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