05 October 2015

Snowflake Monday

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had a couple of back-to-back scares earlier this year, and my heart and my snowflakes go out to all those who don't get the relieving test results I did.

I was admiring the gorgeous Pink Wave Sticky Notes I designed last summer, trying to come up with a cool blog giveaway so I can share the five extra samples I bought when I got hit by another tremendous Pink Wave. I didn't even think twice. No, I post haste applied for the next Wave lottery, which just happened to be in January. That's the same month we'd been drawn for in 2014, so I couldn't help but think perhaps we might get lucky again...

And then I remembered our September camping trip to Grand Teton National Park. I was writing in my paper journal one night during that awesome vacation when my pink Wave permit fell out of my journal pocket. I scooped it back up and tucked it back into the book. No way I'm ever letting go of that precious memory!

And that's when a blog giveaway finally hit me. I'll give away a Pink Wave sticky note pad on Sunday, October 11, 2015, to the best pink vacation memory in the comments below.

NOTE: Contest extended to the end of October because I'd really like to read your pink vacation memory!

Initially I thought I'd be like everyone else and do a random drawing, but I decided I want to read about pink vacation memories that knock my socks off. Because, you know, I have to get revved up for The Wave, just in case we DO get drawn again... (We'll have to try again this month; we didn't get drawn for January.)

If there are too many fantastic pink vacation memories to pick just one, I might have to come up with a few extra pink prizes and award some runners-up. So please don't be intimidated by someone else's pink vacation memories.

After all, who could top my best Valentine's Day ever?!? (Okay, so that permit actually was green, but it's till my favorite vacation of all time, plus, The Wave is pink, and Valentine's Day is associated with pink!)

NOTE: If you are outside of the US and win a prize, I may have to send you an electronic gift certificate instead of a physical post. The last international package I sent was three ounces and cost $24 just for postage, plus all the crazy customs paperwork. Also, I am not Google+, so if you are and don't have a blog and Google+ is the only way I can contact you if you win, please check back at next Monday's snowflake pattern to see if I need your email address. I'll announce the winner(s) and if I can't find a way to communicate with you.

You may do whatever you'd like with snowflakes you make from this pattern, but you may not sell or republish the pattern. Thanks, and enjoy!

Finished Size: 6.5 inches from point to point
Materials: Size 10 crochet thread, size 7 crochet hook, empty pizza box, wax paper or plastic wrap, cellophane tape, water soluble school glue or desired stiffener, water, glitter, small container for glue/water mixture, paintbrush, stick pins that won't be used later for sewing, clear thread or fishing line

Pink October Snowflake Instructions

Make magic ring.

Round 1: Ch 2 (counts as 1 dc), 4 dc in ring, * ch 8, sl st in 7th ch from ring (loop picot made), ch 1, 5 dc in ring; repeat from * 4 times; ch 1, 1 hdc in 2nd ch of starting ch 2 to form 6th ch 2 sp of Round, ch 2, 1 dc in top of hdc just made to form 6th picot loop of Round. Don't pull magic ring too tight.

Round 2: Ch 2 (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc over post of hdc directly below, * ch 6, 3 dc in next picot loop, ch 3, 3 dc in same picot loop; repeat from * around 4 times; ch 6, 3 dc in starting picot loop, ch 1, 1 dc in 2nd ch of starting ch 2 to form 6th ch 3 sp of Round.
If you're not reading this pattern on Snowcatcher, you're not reading the designer's blog. Please go here to see the original.

Round 3: Ch 2 (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc over post of dc directly below, * 5 dc in next ch 6 sp, ch 3, 5 dc in same sp, 3 dc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3, 3 dc in same sp; repeat from * around 4 times; 5 dc in next ch 6 sp, ch 3, 5 dc in same sp, 3 dc in next ch 3 sp, ch 1, 1 dc in 2nd ch of starting ch 2 to form 12th ch 3 sp of Round.

Round 4: Ch 2 (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc over post of dc directly below, * 1 dtr in next ch 3 sp, ch 5, 1 dc in same sp, ch 3, 1 dc in same sp, ch 5, 1 dtr in same sp, 3 dc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3, 3 dc in same sp; repeat from * around 4 times; 1 dtr in next ch 3 sp, ch 5, 1 dc in same sp, ch 3, 1 dc in same sp, ch 5, 1 dtr in same sp, 3 dc in next ch 3 sp, 1 dc in 2nd ch of starting ch 2 to form 6th ch 3 tip of Round.

Round 5: Ch 2 (counts as 1 dc), 2 dc over post of dc directly below, * 5 dc in next ch 5 sp, 1 dc in next ch 3 sp, ch 3, 1 dc in same sp, ch 5, 1 dc in same sp, ch 3, 1 dc in same sp, 5 dc in next ch 5 sp, 3 dc in next ch 3 tip, ch 13, 1 dtr in 12th ch from hook, ch 3, 1 tr in same ch, ch 3, 1 dc in same ch, ch 3, 1 tr in same ch, ch 3, 1 dtr in same ch, ch 12, sl st in same ch, ch 1, 3 dc in same ch 3 tip; repeat from * around 5 times, omitting last 3 dc of final repeat; sl st st in 2nd ch of starting ch 2; bind off. Weave in ends.

Finish: Tape wax paper or plastic wrap to top of empty pizza box. Pin snowflake to box on top of wax paper or plastic wrap.

If using glue, mix a few drops of water with a teaspoon of glue in small washable container. Paint snowflake with glue mixture or desired stiffener. Sprinkle lightly with glitter. Wash paintbrush and container thoroughly. Allow snowflake to dry at least 24 hours. Remove pins. Gently peel snowflake from wax paper or plastic wrap. Attach 10-inch clear thread to one spoke, weaving in end. Wrap fishing line around tree branch (or tape to ceiling or any overhead surface) and watch the snowflake twirl freely whenever you walk by! Snowflake also may be taped to window or tied to doorknob or cabinet handle.


  1. No vacations have been had for me of any kind, those cost $$$ lol but yeah, shipping internationally is ridiculously priced.

    1. You need to find an inexpensive vacation you can take with your kitties, Pat!

  2. Aye!!! Shipping to the states is crazy expensive too!!! I made my grandson a beautiful blanket and it was £24 to ship! But what do you do when it's for loved ones? Just bite the bullet, I'm afraid, and send it anyway. <3
    If I win give the gift to a member in the states for a random draw...
    Hmmm...it says my story is too long but I'm not sure how to shorten it without losing important details???

    1. Solitaire, I'm anxious now to read your story! Try posting it in parts...

  3. Back in 1986 my family and I were driving through North Dakota on holiday. I was driving our brand new van; just got it the day before. Everyone was asleep. I looked back at my 6 month old sleeping daughter and my eye caught a long black strip across the sky. Thinking I could outdistance it, I went a bit faster and hoped I'd make it to the next town safely.
    The highway was long and fairly desolate. A few minutes later I looked to the right again and was jolted to see that it was very close now. Realizing I was not going to be able to outdistance it or even find a safe place to hide us I decided to pull over. I could clearly see the funnel and my mind was in shock at how huge it was; easily filling a mile or more of the once bright and sunny sky!
    At that point the sun vanished although it was about 1pm. I could see other cars pulling over too. I had my oldest son grab blankets and clothes and told my children to lie on the floor and huddle close to one another. I unstrapped the baby and put her in the centre of the children and put all the blankets and clothes on top of them. By this time the sound was tremendous and the van began to rock. I looked up to see a man and woman on a motorbike skidding past us on their side and being thrown under a van about 100 ft in front of us. The entire time I was praying and begging God to save my wee ones. I jumped across the seats placing my body over both the back of the front seat and the front of the back seat stretching myself as far as I could whilst laying atop my babies. The pressure became unbearable and the older children began to cry that their ears were hurting. I told them to swallow hard and keep swallowing.
    There was horrific banging as hail began pounding the van and I realized the top was caving in on us! The van was beginning to implode from the intense pressure! I begged God to give me the strength needed to not crush my babies and I pushed up with all my might! I could feel the roof bearing down on me and just kept on pushing up.
    After what seemed like hours, the pounding stopped and the pressure was relieved. I stayed there a few minutes longer to be sure it was gone. I opened the side door and the sun began to shine once again. My oldest boy was looking about and began kicking what looked like a large concrete block. Then we all noticed that it was a giant chunk of ice! They were everywhere! I'd never seen such large hail chunks in my life! A few people dumped their coolers to pack one as they said it was an historic event and most likely the largest hail chunks ever recorded. The couple on the motorbike were being pulled out from under the van and seemed to be uninjured, just very shaken. But their leather suits were nearly torn to bits! Windscreens were shattered and windows broken on every vehicle but ours. Our windscreen was cracked but not shattered. We had no idea why or how but were thankful.
    Our insurance agent verified the F5 tornado and told us if the van was safe to drive just finish our holiday and come to him when we returned. I was very sore and the next day my entire backside was one body-sized bruise! My oldest daughter saw it in the shower. I looked in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw! The entire backside of me was blackened with bruising!
    When we finally returned home, I arranged to have the van evaluated for repairs. I sat with my baby girl whilst they looked over the van. I was praying thanks when I was gently touched by the man in the shop and asked if I could come and look at something. I was brought up some stairs to look at the top of the van. He pointed and said, "I've never seen anything like this in my life!" I looked where he was pointing and nearly collapsed! It was a very clear imprint of my body!
    The reason the windscreen and the windows never shattered was b/c my body kept the van intact! My arms, legs, bum, and even my head! Every detail of the back of my body was clearly imprinted on the roof of that van!

    1. Wow! What an experience! No doubt in my mind at all your prayers had you and your family covered!

  4. I'm sorry I missed this! Though I can't think of any pink vacation memories at the moment....

    1. I guess no one else has pink vacation memories but me, Sue. Boohoo!!!

  5. I think there is a mistake in round 2. Where is says repeat 4 times it should be 5

    1. Thanks, Debra (good name, by the way!). I just tried working from these instructions, and I think they are correct for a six-pointed snowflake... half a point, full point, four more full points, then another half point makes six points. But thank you so much for trying to make sure my patterns are correct! I appreciate it!


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