05 August 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Family Picnic





Crazy camera auto focus!


  1. haha they're all sure having a pow wow

  2. First reaction - they're gorgeous! Next reaction - eh, what are they Deborah? I'm thinking squirrels of some sort? Great you got them so clearly, expect they are v skittish

  3. He blonde lady, how about sharing some food?

    That was a perfect way to start four days in the mountains. Especially, about 30-minutes later.

  4. Very cute! It's the faces and paws that give them such a "tiny human" look :)

  5. Oh my gosh, they are so darn cute. I love their little furry tummies and the way they hold their food.

    Remember Chip and Dale? Always my favourite Disney cartoons. :)


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