27 August 2015

Granny Squared

You'd think it goes without saying...

August 15 was Granny Square Day. Instagram users posted photos of granny squares with a special hashtag that enabled viewers to make their own digital crocheted granny square afghans.

Except the project was discovered by spammers early in the day, which, thankfully, users reported, which, unfortunately, resulted in all the granny squares being blocked for most of the day while moderators manually cleaned up the mess.

Everything was back in order by about 8 p.m., and except for crocheters who couldn't follow instructions, some fun granny square afghans saw the (internet) light of night!

Granny Square Day 2015, from Instagram


  1. Spammers can ruin it for everyone, them trying to push all their junk, ugg.

  2. Some of those granny squares are pretty cool looking.

  3. Cool idea! I've always wondered though how far the "granny square" definition can be stretched. Some of the squares don't look like grannies at all (though they're still lovely).



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