21 August 2015

Friday Funny

Mealy Bug - Cheap Prices...  You're kidding, right???

humor for those who, like me, hate click-bait ads and teasers

knitting with candy

Many of my family members are in law enforcement, so this story really made me giggle.

And I thought my 12-year-old adopted daughter spray-painting her hair blue was bad!

Pluto with Personality

Is this not the cutest birth announcement?!?

Chess with Dr. Who

Wish I could have seen this in person!

Star Wars wedding photography

Oh, look! Pat Hatt's cat can quilt!!!

If only they'd had these when my adopted son was young!

Or this...

Turtle Power

And I could wear this one! Ha ha ha!

They had to be thinking of me...


  1. haha can't top the cat. Not sure bathing in white paint is ever a good idea though haha there are sure some fun shirts out there. Even a bug eyed tarsier one.

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE the turtle jersey! I can just picture Lizard's head coming up out of the neckband.... :D

    The Dr. Who chess set is brilliant.


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