20 August 2015

Change of Plans

We had four days off, alone, together, in our favorite part of the state. The plan was to hike Courthouse Mountain...

Dunsinane and Precipice from the slopes of Courthouse Mountain

... Blue Lakes...

primary colors high above Blue Lake

... Highland Mary Lakes...

Highland Mary Lakes

... and Ice Lake...

Pilot Knob, Lower Ice Lake and Parry Primrose

The weather had different ideas.

Blaine Basin trail

Day I was spent in the Cimarron Basin, shooting wildflowers and moose.

On Day II, we made the spontaneous decision at the Blue Lakes/Blaine Basin fork in the trail to go left and hike the path less taken. The Lizard had climbed Mount Sneffel's Snake Route, a snow climb, via Blaine Basin a good many years ago. I'd never been on that trail. Because it was highly likely we wouldn't make it far before lightning began electrifying one of my favorite places in Colorado, I decided to try something new and see whatever Blaine Basin would share in such a short time. Blaine Basin was not stingy.


What is that???



twin berries



unidentified and perfect for crochet

too much rain

green gentian

sticky geranium


nodding ragwort

nearly exhausted beebalm


my sweetie


  1. Awesome photographs. We'll go back. All of those areas are exceptional in all seasons.

  2. The weather doesn't always cooperate with us indeed. haha the moose looks a bit miffed that it was being bothered.

  3. Oh, I'm breathless from all these wildflower photos. Wow.

    The trail less traveled was a good choice. :)


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