05 May 2015


Drafting off Mom

I'm no fan of Mother's Day, but I don't think I like this trendy word at all.

And look, they've linked it with the word cronehood! This word still carries an extremely negative connotation for me. (Thank you, Robin Hood...)

Not sure I like otherhood, either. And I quote: "There are a number of earlier citations that play on motherhood/otherhood, but use the latter to mean something closer to "being an outsider" rather than "being a non-mother." I always felt like an outsider and left out because I was not able to give birth. I really don't like a label that glorifies and/or amplifies the feeling.

Perhaps I don't fit any of these descriptions by the grace of adopting two older special needs children. Nevertheless, I think I prefer to be classified as a woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a human being. To heck with all the rest.

Family Portrait

Goin' for a Ride!

free ride

on the lookout

Watchful Mama

Mama, look at all the fun food down there on the road!


  1. Great animal shots as they look after their kiddos. Nomo? hmm, yeah that is rather dumb.

    1. Glad you agree, Pat. I think it's a very ugly word.

  2. Nice shots! I still remember the marmot family and will never forget the grizzly morning.

  3. Nomo? No way. Your photos speak much more eloquently to what motherhood is about, who knows if these animals are the biological mother or the responsible adult? I love the three white mountain goats especially, they look as if they are posing for you!

  4. Oh my gosh, the momma goose with the goslings on her back is the sweetest photo ever!

    I'm not fond of neologisms in general, and definitely not of those you referenced.

    Don't forget to add "friend" to that list of classifications, will you? AWESOME friend, to be precise. :D


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