26 May 2015

A Short Ride After Work

South Platte White Water

Ride the Rockies is getting too close for comfort, so it's time to start spending more time on the bike.

Underpasses along the bike path are under water, so we decide to pack the bikes in the car, take our cycling clothes to work, and take a ride up Waterton Canyon come quittin' time.

The South Platte is still running pretty high and fast.

Sky Rage

The sky is still pretty dark. We decide to ride as far as we can, then race back down the canyon if we hear lightning.

An hour later, we race back down the canyon, trying to beat the storm. I can't keep up with The Lizard. He keeps circling back to ride with me.

Spilling Over

Suddenly, a bolt hits too close for comfort. We immediately take shelter right along the river.


We watch the sky.


The Lizard enjoys his treat du jour, a Little Debbie brownie...

waiting out the storm

...while I aim for clouds and hope...


  1. Good thing you didn't get zapped and took cover, but then again you might have developed super powers haha

    1. That could have worked out just fine if the super powers enable me to finish my WIPs faster or pedal faster, Pat...

  2. I'm just a Zeus magnate. Loved the gosling show. One of them looked to be a bit sleepy until it started moving a bit.

    1. They're so funny when they get tired at that age, Lizard. They just plop and take a nap wherever they happen to be standing!

  3. Lizard always draws a storm, doesn't he? I see he's still wearing his favourite "jersey".... :D

    Adorable geese. For a second even they were looking at the sky!

    1. I don't have to guess which jerseys will be accompanying Lizard on Ride the Rockies, Sue. I know the first two in his stack!


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