12 May 2015

Lost Spring

Such Soft Colors

Spring sometimes seems to speed by way too fast. Especially when accompanied by one big snowstorm after another. (That's not a complaint. We want the mountains to have plenty of water and no forest fires...)

Last year, I planted a few new daffodils, in non-standard colors, because deer and bunnies don't eat them.

This year, they bloomed for the first time!

This year, the snow got 'em...

How Unusual!

The Prettiest Daffodil



  1. It's all Queen Elsa's fault!

  2. With the snow and the animals you sure have to be determined haha

  3. Well, at least Colorado got some much-needed moisture.

    Somebody needs to develop a snow-proof daffodil. Maybe they could cross it with Kevlar or something....

    1. Do you think flowers would be as pretty if they were Kevlared or Tyveked? But you have given me yet another crochet inspiration...


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