19 May 2015

High Water

Sunrise on a Gray Day

Chatfield Reservoir typically is a good place for a sunrise.

When the sun makes an appearance, that is. We've gravitated toward Seattlesque weather for the past couple of weeks, so we've had to look at the clock to see the time. The sky provides few clues.

All that rain, combined with spring run-off, has made the Reservoir a bit deep.

Swim Beach

The Swim Beach is underwater!

Picnic Area with a Watery View

Picnic tables are at See Food Level.

A Touch of Pink

Bird baths are easily accessible.

Did you bring your boat?

Chatfield is just one reservoir on the South Platte River designed to prevent flooding of the metro area. Which means the South Platte is running a bit high these days, too.

White Water Season

And the waterfowl are loving every minute of it!

family outing

curious critters

swim and dine lessons


  1. Nice flood shots. If you're flying along the bike path in the dark, a surprise may be lurking. The addition of today's rain should be interesting as well.

    1. I'm kind of glad I couldn't ride today, Lizard. I think I might have needed fins...

  2. haha the ducks can swim to spots they could only waddle to before. If one has a canoe should make for easy getting to and fro lol

    1. Funny, Pat! I've been wondering if we're going to need to pack a raft for Ride the Rockies... :)

  3. want to thank you for taking the time to Honor those who Serve.
    We all must PRAY that their service not be in vain. We NEED men and women of honor to replace those in government who have been turned by the power and greed and serve themselves and their wants over the NEEDS of the country.

    God bless all those who have given so much so the rest of us can be Free! and God bless their families - for they also serve!

    1. That sounds like a terrific idea, LitlBits!

  4. If only you could ride on the fence like that guy in the Isle of Skye video.... :)

    Adorable ducks!

  5. Wow.. And awwww. Love the ducklings.


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