21 May 2015

Deerly Beloved

11 May 2015, courtesy of my neighbor
11 May 2015, courtesy of my neighbor

Snow is becoming a Mother's Day tradition in our community. Four heavy, wet inches this year.

The garden was flattened for a couple of days, but most of it popped back up. Up right. Upright.

leaning tower of iris

What the snow didn't munch, the deer did. Caught them red handed. Or is that red-hooved?

a mouthful

The little snots ate every tulip and all but one lupine!

Not my delphinium, too!!!

When my delphinium was next on the menu, I pitched a fit. The Lizard says he now knows what a temper tantrum from me looks like. Those deer were not easy to evict!


Finally persuaded by ample arm waving and shouting, the trio settled for a taste test across the street. My neighbor's tree paid the price.


So did my lupine.

table scraps

I hoped my lone survivor might eventually show who's boss.

stand tall

I fully expected the deer would return after dark and clean their plate. After all, they did empty the birdfeeder. Again.

Nanny, nanny, boo, boo!

My last lupine stood tall!

I will survive!

What a beauty!


  1. haha the deer sure seem to be enjoying themselves. One stop snack shop

  2. hi there, I nominated you today for one lovely blog, see my post to understand what that means... If you aren't interested please let me know. Can't find your email addy today so sorry about the blog notice on comments section!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

    1. Thank you, LeeAnna! That's so awesome! I enjoyed reading more about you on your blog! I think this is really cool, but I probably can't participate in a timely manner. Most of my posts for the next six weeks are already done, thanks to the charity rides we have lined up.

  3. I have the perfect spot for a new, full size, chest freezer.

    1. Oh, Lizard, you are so funny! But we really could use a new freezer for the Ben & Jerry's... :)

  4. On the one hand, I can see why the deer would enjoy your garden so much.

    On the other, I feel your pain!

    Too bad you can't plant them a garden of their own and teach them to leave yours alone.... :)


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