24 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday

The Line



Day 0, 2014 Ride the Rockies


Bike Chillin'

Waste Not Want Not

Park Here

Park Here

Clothes Hanger

Boxed Bikes

Demo Bikes

Saddle Adjustment

Power Bar Heaven

Ready to Roll (RtR)

Mini Cyclist


  1. Everybody look ready to go, that is a lot of power bars though haha

  2. It's quite impressive to see everyone with the tents and bikes. Looks it was fun, too.

  3. Wow, did you do it this year? It came within a few miles of my house on that terrible-weather first day (and my husband rode up the first climb at the back of your group, taking advantage of the half-closed road). When I heard the stories of all the snow etc, I hoped that maybe you didn't do it this year :)

  4. Wow, how'd you get the photos? I hope you didn't mind missing it....


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