19 June 2014

Hoya Hoya

glorious hoya

Last summer seems like such a long time ago, I couldn't even remember if any of our three hoya plants had bloomed in 2013. I had to go back through my photos and my journal. Nope. No hoya blossoms at all last year.

The three originals had never bloomed for The Lizard before we were married. They never bloomed in my apartment after we were married. But in the house we bought five years ago, one particular plant was a very happy camper. If I remember correctly, it bloomed for the first time right near the Fourth of July and a week or so before our wedding anniversary. What a celebration!

Ready, set, bloom!




The pink hoya is blooming for the third time in 2012!

Little did I know white stuff lurked within these leaves, too, right after this shot was taken.

We'd lost that treasured hoya plant The Lizard inherited from his father to mealy bugs in 2012. There were two more that had never bloomed, so The Lizard didn't know they were hoyas, just a different kind. One bloomed for the first time ever that year, almost as if to console us.

our first white hoya blossoms ever

glowing hoya

Late in 2012, I found a tight, curly leaved baby hoya plant very similar to the one we'd lost at a home improvment center, and I quickly adopted it. We shelved the tiny little three-inch plant where its predecessor had been, and we've patiently waited for it to grow long enough to bloom. I've read the hoya ropes must be six feet long to produce blooms. Eighteen months later, this toddler might finally be turning into a teenager. One rope is nearly six feet long! Fingers crossed...

baby hoya

Meanwhile, we've patiently awaited a blossom burst from the white hoya plants.

This month, one plant gave us a single blossom. Just one!

Our first hoya flower in forever!!!

The second hoya is throwing out the gauntlet. It's showing TWO blossoms!

The Straight-Leaved White Hoya Blooms Again


  1. Beautiful! I have never heard of or seen this plant before. Will it grow in any area or just a certain one ?

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! I think they can grow anywhere, but they are tropical, so they may need to be an indoor plant. I've only seen them as indoor plants.

  2. Wow, quite the sight indeed. First I've heard of it too. Damn bugs always ruin everything or they try haha

    1. Mealy bugs are nasty, Pat. As much as we loved that hoya plant, and for as long as I gave it individualized care to attempt to save it, it was worth getting rid of. Haven't had a single mealy bug since, thank heavens. Literally.

  3. They are marvelous and you captured them perfectly, with each shot. I've seen them before, but nothing this beautiful, and your color of them seems so much richer than I remember. Of course I have to pop over to Google!

  4. Splendid. Ours has never bloomed.

  5. They are so, so pretty and so fascinating in terms of contrasting textures - the fuzzy and the waxy-smooth. I love the way the buds look - like shiny little gift packages.


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