03 June 2014

Wordless Wednesday

family outing

watchful papa

like father, like son

sleepy heads

sweet dreams

tucked in

nighty night


What day is it?


  1. Wow they are just like a cat, grooming themselves a ton. Unless they have fleas lol

  2. so sweet, a quiet repose to watch amid our hustle and bustle. Bet you wanted to feel their downy heads.

  3. Wow, so so so so CUTE!

  4. I just now got back from a sunset walk in the park that featured several families of Canada geese. The goslings are so darn cute! And the papas were very watchful indeed - as I passed each little group each male went rigid and kept a wary eye on me until I had moved on.

    Love the "What day is it?" photo and caption. :)


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