13 June 2014

Friday Fun

Carve in Color


Feast your eyes.

Holy Bristol!!!


How sweet!

I keep finding more cool stuff.

Otherworldly Adventures of An Action Figure

Strawberry crochet tutorial.

Birds of a Petal

The things I didn't know could be knit.

Okay, I have to start thinking smaller again...

cute overload

String Art Tutorial


Wow in a nutshell. Or on a chalkboard.

The coolest yarnbombing project ever.


Japanese quilts are stunning. These are beyond stunning.

I'm speechless.

Oh, my!

Wordle cycling madness

Remember Wordle? Well, now there's MORE!

word shapes
Word Shapes

spiral rainbow lyrics, with lots of Photoshop editing by me
Heart Words


  1. loll I won't be messing with any of them

  2. That string art is awesome!

    And the Yellow Submarine ... wow.



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