17 June 2014

Tropics in the Foothills

The Tallest and the Shortest

Last June, my precious little clove trees did not survive our high plains heat wave while The Lizard and I pedaled for a week straight during Ride the Rockies. Last October, Hilo Beads in Hawaii finally had a new crop of fresh seeds.

I ordered 12. I gave two to a co-worker, who reports both are still doing well. The other 10 I took home and planted.

October 2013, fresh from Hawaii

Within the next three months, all but two of the seeds turned brown and dried up, even though I tried to keep them moist.

super clove baby

When trying to grow clove trees at altitude and indoors (because they can't survive the chilly nights), a gardener must have patience. The seeds can take a very, very long time to germinate.

One of the two survivors began sprouting leaves in late February.

A leaf!!!

In April, the tiny leaves were beginning to look a little more like leaves.

my new little (indoor) clove April 2

That little sweetheart is now growing a second tier of fragrant leaves!

Big Sister clove seed is sprouting her second tier of fragrant leaves.

And now, in June, nearly seven months after arriving in Colorado, baby sister is beginning to sprout her wings!!!

The second surviving clove seed finally emerges!


  1. Wow, takes a good long while but glad they are joining the growing mile

    1. Let's keep our fingers crossed they grow a mile this time, Pat!!!

  2. They are adorable - do you think they'd lend us some wings for Bike MS? :)

    1. Perhaps not wings, Sue, but definitely aroma... As long as we promise they don't have to go more than a day without water. :)

  3. Oh they are pretty. Please keep us updated on their progress. :) ((hugs))


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