24 September 2013

Summer Goes

Here, Lizard, Lizard...

I was allowed to get back on my bike last weekend, a whole week early, as a reward for good behavior! (and less back pain) So I spent the final day of summer in Waterton Canon.


The Lizard snapped a photo of the dam at the top of the canyon immediately following the storm that flooded mountains, cities and towns about 40 miles north of us the previous week.

Drying Out

Although water is still being released now, the flow has settled a bit.

Butterfly Party

Butterflies are frantically sipping every last drop of nectar.

Thistle of Summer Draught

Rainy Rebirth

Prickly Poppy Renewed



wild sunflowers

Wooly Mullein


Recent rains have ignited a new spurt of growth, but cooler temperatures overnight are bringing out signs of autumn.

Seedy Salsify



Virginia Creeper Fooled into Fall

The Boys With Horns still aren't too interested in the females. Yet. Give them a couple of weeks...

The Boys are Back in Town


  1. Quite the spot again, you have tons of them around. Awesome you are back up and around too.

    1. Me, too, Pat. It is SO good to feel good again!

  2. Lovely photos!

    So glad you are feeling better. :)

    Blessings always

    1. Thanks, Stitchy! I hope to get many more good photos to share this fall, now that I'm back up and at it!

  3. Just gorgeous, SC! Back pain ~ Ouch! Glad you're doing better!

    1. Thanks, Louise! I am very happy to be feeling better!

  4. SO glad you got to ride again!

    Our mulleins are all just dried up now - amazing what that raid did for yours.

    That's a heck of a lot of water coming over that dam....

    1. You made me green with envy with your last bike ride, Sue! It truly is amazing what our rains have accomplished. My neighbors keep telling me our garden is so lush now! Even though we've been dangerously close to overnight freeze twice since the flooding!

  5. Our dams are still spilling bigtime. It's so odd at this time of year...

    Lovely photos, especially the bighorn sheep. The Virginia creeper is fabulous too.


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