07 September 2013

23 Days

High Roller
Hi Snowcatcher,

You’ve done such a great job of fundraising, and you're almost in the High Roller Club for Bike MS! As of today, September 7, you have raised a total of $1,767! If you hit $2,000 this year, you will have earned your place as a High Roller and will receive your benefits for the 2014 Colorado Bike MS.

Benefits include:

• Free registration for the 2014 Colorado Bike MS
• A commemorative High Roller Club jersey
• Invitation to the annual High Roller Training Ride
• Access to VIP restrooms on event weekend
• A special bib on ride weekend to identify your status
• Name recognition on website with the Club listing

You have until September 30 to turn in donations and have them count toward your 2013 total.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to see a world free of MS!

On the bright side, at least I received advance warning this year. Last year I was cut off with only about $5 to go, and with no warning whatsoever.

On the panic side, this means I have 23 days to raise $233.

I expect donations will begin rolling in during October and November, until the NMSS books are closed out for the year. But that will be too late for the High Roller status. Yes, I checked. To be a High Roller, I must raise the $233 before September 30, 2013. (knees quiver)

And this is my bright idea for today. I thought perhaps I could "sell" a few things I consider valuable in exchange for donations and keep my fingers crossed this might work.

UPDATE: The quilt is gone! THANK YOU, Vern!!! First up, one $100 donation will win this 31"x26" "Running Out" quilt that hung in the 2013 Denver National Quilt Festival. There is only one, and not enough remnants for an identical quilt, so first come, first serve. A Snowcatcher one-of-a-kind original.

Running Out

Next up, one $50 donation will win an 18"x16" custom pin quilt with the photo of the winner's choice. I will print the desired photo on fabric, and the print will have to cure for 24-48 hours, and then it must be color-fasted, which takes another 24-48 hours. Once dry, it will take me a couple of nights to finish sewing and quilting the piece. So this treasure could take about a week to complete and get in the mail once ordered. Another Snowcatcher one-of-a-kind original.

Time to make another pin quilt; this one is full!
My Pin Quilt

Pikes Peak Pin Quilt
Pikes Peak Pin Quilt

UPDATE: All the yarn is gone! Thank you, Ginny and Robby! Finally comes some snow-dyed yarn I did not intend to part with, but it might be worth a couple of donations. Two $25 donations each will receive one cake each of two individual colorways of my worsted weight cotton snow-dyed experiment from last April's big snowstorm. Each cake is approximately 100 yards, the colors are unique because they were sprinkled onto snow by hand. Four cakes are all that's left, and I can't make more until we get another big, huge snowstorm.


I love this yarn and wanted to make it into something very special, but I want to be a High Roller more than I want to make something special with this yarn. I hope this demonstrates how much it means to me to fight MS with all I've got. Literally all I've got.

Tax-deductible donations may be made here, and I sincerely appreciate all donations that have helped me reach this point.

UPDATE: Goal met in less than 24 hours! Thank you, Vern, Phil, Ginny and Robby!


  1. That is a great way to get the goal, hopefully it gets there. Not big on giving to such things as they never find a cure to anything, but ms is one that doesn't get the required attention it deserves, will think about it.

  2. Thanks, Pat. I agree that many organizations seem to be just raising money, not trying to find a cure or a cause. But our relative who recently died of MS was receiving services from the NMSS, as are two of my co-workers. So I'm very happy to help them further their goals.

    And I was successful in raising the $233; I am a High Roller now. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, Sue, could you hear me singing with you!?!

  4. Deborah- I was a little late in reading through my favorite blogs this week...sorry to have missed but so glad to read the updates! I would love to share your snowflake pattern booklet fundraiser again to my fans... I guess I could go check myself, but is that still active and does it go to the same place? Perhaps a new post about that is in order so we can all share! Love and prayers, Cara Louise

    1. Thanks, Cara! Yes, everything is still the same until at least September 30. I don't know yet what happens after that. This is the first time I know of they've closed their books out this early, so I don't know yet if the site will remain open until November or December or if we'll be starting over brand new in October. They did tell me I can begin applying everything after September 30 to next year's fundraising, which will be for the 2015 year, so REALLY ahead of the game. They also said they hope to have registration open earlier for the 2014 ride, which might mean November...

      So, sort of in wait-and-see mode for the moment...


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