17 September 2013

Be Still My Heart!

The color darn sure better stick!  It stained my gloves!

Over-dyeing can fix some of the biggest oops!

Worsted Weight Rose, then Alkanet
worsted weight failed wool rose yarn after a day in alkanet juice

Cotton Beet, Then Alkanet
failed cotton beet yarn after a quick dip in alkanet juice

Thread Rose, Then Alkanet
failed cotton rose thread after a day in alkanet juice

Soaked Bachelor Button
bachelor buttons after a week of soaking in water and vinegar

Rose Sock Yarn Soaking in Bachelor Button Juice
failed rose wool sock yarn in bachelor button juice
(It still didn't help much.)

Sock Yarn Rose, Then Alkanet
failed rose bachelor button wool sock yarn after a quick dip in alkanet

Cotton Alkanet Ready to Crochet
Ready to Crochet!


  1. The buttons are very colorful

    1. Yes, Pat; it was difficult to cut them because they were so beautiful.

  2. Splendid. Have been away from blogs, but have been wondering how you were doin in the midst of the floods

    1. We've missed you, Stratoz, but we see you've been on another reflective and meditative retreat. You always bring so much back from your spiritual journeys.

      We are fine; thank you for caring. We are about 30 to 40 miles south of the most serious flooding and on high ground to boot. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered from the fires, and now this.

  3. Alkanet saves the day! What a lot of nice rich autumn-y colours it gives (especially when used over other shades).

    The poor bachelor's buttons look like they're wondering "What did we do to deserve this vinegary fate?"


    1. I'm going to write another post soon, Sue, detailing just how difficult it is for me to pick flowers for dyeing!


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